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Clear your mind, save time, and manage deadlines. 

Running a business is challenging.

Between personal commitments and vocations, it's easy to lose track of the tasks that matter the most.

I think it's safe to say we've all been in situations where we need to remember to finish something important. Intuitively, we print out a long, blank receipt page or scavenge drawers to find a stale yellow post-it note to jot down a quick checklist. Or, we may ditch the handwritten scribbles for an app or send a swift text, "hey! don't forget to ___ ."

But what happens when the notes get thrown away or pocketed and forgotten, falling victim to the evening laundry load?
What happens when there isn't a way to follow-up with employees?

Successfully managing a business requires a combination of preparation and teamwork. And with many obligations, it's easy to forget what requires immediate attention without a practical system to track and coordinate needs.


Envision is here to help you get organized and accomplish more!

Task Managing


Available in the Preferred & Ultimate editions of Envision Cloud, the Task Manager features built-in, assignable drop-down menus that let you create, categorize, and delegate individual tasks to specific employees. You can also indicate priority levels for every new task, set due dates, and add any special directions or notes in each task to clearly communicate with your colleagues.


Transparency made easy.

Never guess if tasks are completed.

tasklistAdditional features empower employees to mark their task completion status along the way and add completion notes so you don't have to follow-up with your staff.


Create pop-up reminders that appear upon employee clock-in.

Or if you have Paid SMS and select a specific employee, the employee can get notified of the task via SMS using the "Send SMS" button.



View tasks on-the-go, any where, any time.

Your employee's can also view their designated assignments, along with any special notes you've written, in the Envision Cloud app:



Clear your mind, save time, and manage deadlines. 

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Our task management tools will help you build productivity, reduce stress, and encourage a collaborative work environment. Our features offer hassle-free ways for you to manage your staff and business all in one place, whether on a desktop or a portable mobile device. 

To upgrade today, click on Manage Account through your desktop login, and then click Modify/reactivate subscription plan. You can also contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or sales@ennoview.com.





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