Performance Tracking in the Palm of Your Hand!

 Coach, compete, and congratulate all in one place with a simple finger-tap!📣 🤳🎉

Pursue your goals using our Performance Tracking through the Envision Cloud app for your staff. Using the app, Employees can enjoy immediate access to their appointment bookings, employee schedules, and employee lists.

But that is only the beginning.


Visually tracking growth is critical to your success, which is why we've created a singular path to ensure development.
Your employees can access Goal Summaries and KPI Comparison Reports to unlock their personal best. All they need to do is download the app and sign in with their Envision Cloud username and password, and voila, key performance indicators ready at lightning speed, anywhere, any time! ⚡

1. Coach

Setting benchmarks is a useful way to improve staff performance.

Create basic to advanced level goal plans with multiple options to track progress and metrics in the palm of your hand. You set the ideal number of clients, services, retail dollars, and pre-book percentages the employee should accomplish and monitor these metrics throughout the day, week, and month using the Employee Goal Summary feature.

 *Important Note: Employee Goal Summary is available in the Envision Cloud App for Ultimate Users. Preferred users can access Employee Goals as a report within Envision Cloud.  

2. Compete

A little healthy competition goes a long way 🍎

The Comparison Reports enable your business and staff to analyze performance differences over time. In the app, your Employees can compare their performance to a previous time frame, or their colleagues, in seconds. Take a look at the photo below to see this in action:
  *Ultimate users have access to comparison reports in the Envision Cloud App.
Comparison Reports are available as a web dashboard in Envision Cloud Preferred and Ultimate. 


3. Congratulate


Encourage your team and reward persistence.

Use these reports as an easy tool to motivate and empower your staff whenever they complete a task, stay on track with their sales, or exceed their goals. Regularly highlight stand-out employees who have made substantial progress, and let your data tell their story. 



The Envision Cloud app is available to all versions of Envision Cloud and compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Ultimate Users can access comparison dropdown options and goal summaries to track their performance, so they can spur one another on to achieve the most success for themselves and your business. 





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