Newest Features of Online Booking

Online booking is now made easier than ever with Envision Cloud!

We have re-amped your customer’s experience by adding a full 30-day calendar, login credentials before or after selecting appointment details, and much more. Read on to learn about these exciting features that has refreshed what it means to book an appointment through a software that is envisioning your business’s future.


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30 Day Calendar View

Your clients will no longer find it difficult to correlate what date works best for them to come in! The available appointment options will appear in a calendar format, allowing your clients to simply pick the best month, date, and time.


Login Before or After

Now you can choose if you would like your client to login before or after selecting their appointment details.

**If you are an Ultimate user and utilize our Client Service Times feature, selecting 'login after' option will disable your customized service times feature.**

A simpler way to search for Services and Providers

Services and Providers are now easier to find with a dropdown field. In typing the first couple of letters, your client will in seconds find what they are looking for.



Updated Design and Color Customization

We have innovatively created new features to display your business as one that is user-friendly and aesthetically appropriate to your brand. Online bookings/Customer Portal are now made customizable with footer accent colors and an updated design template that includes your company’s address, contact number, and email address.

New Social Feature

When booking clients, why not throw in some self-promotion to invite your clients to engage in your social media platforms? Well… we have done just that! Now there is a newly added Instagram button at the bottom footer to help attract more followers.

These latest features have opened up a new way to visually attract your clients through the beginning processes of their experience. By choosing Envision, you are creating a tech-friendly environment that allows for a smoother transition when booking appointments.  

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