Manage Your Reviews!

Reputation management is an integral part of your grooming salon. With Envision Cloud’s new reputation management software, you can track and manage your reviews!

Generate, manage, share, and track reviews all in one place! Your reputation is crucial to building and promoting your business. Reviews are one of the best ways to gain insight into what people think of your services. With Envision Cloud, you can now establish your grooming salon as the best choice for potential clients searching for your services.

Grow Your Reputation Growth Graph (1)

Reviews are one of the best ways to grow your reputation! However, you need to have lots of them to make an impact. More reviews means more trust in your grooming salon! With the Envision review manager tool, you can automate review requests to be sent out according to your preferences. These preferences include tip amount, service sales, and much more! Preferences can be set individually or in any combination. 

Manage Your Reputation

loyalty points blog post feature imageMonitoring every review your business receives seems like an impossible task, but with Envision Cloud, it’s never been easier! Manage all your reviews from across 100+ industry specific sites and review centers like Google and Yelp in the dashboard. This allows you to quickly respond to positive and negative reviews. Responding to reviews is important to building a community around your grooming salon. When current and potential clients see that you take the time to respond to their compliments or critiques, it builds trust in your ability to listen and make changes when necessary.

Making sure reviews are attended to is crucial to your reputation. Never let another review go unnoticed! With the new review manager tool, you and your team can receive email notifications when your business is being reviewed. This allows for everyone to be in the know about what they are doing right and where improvements are needed.

Share How Awesome Your Grooming Salon Is speech bubbles-1

Social media has become a major destination for reviewers and potential clients. Many people even look to social media to find reviews about a business they are interested in before visiting a review site or search engine. This means your positive reviews NEED to be posted! With the review manager tool, you can automate posts to social platforms like Facebook and Twitter so people stay updated on how great your grooming salon is!

Keep Track of Your Reviews

clip boardEnsure your reviews are improving your image at a glance! It is important for everyone in your business to be on the same page about what clients are saying. Envision’s review manager offers easy to read charts and graphs that you can customize to your needs. Make sure that your team can see your improvements by scheduling email reports when needed.

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